Business Planning

We advise business owners on a wide range of legal and tax issues affecting their businesses. From organizing a new entity to planning for the succession of an existing business, we are prepared to assist our clients in all aspects of their corporate and related affairs. Our attorneys assist business owners on such matters as the initial choice of organizational structure, maintaining current corporate filings required by state law, tax and succession planning, financing, restructurings and reorganizations, as well as stock purchase, redemption and other arrangements among shareholders, partners and other business owners. We represent a diverse range of business owners, from individual entrepreneurs and family owned businesses to multi-jurisdictional companies. For many small business owners, business planning is often inseparable from estate planning. The task of transitioning a successful business from one generation to the next can be more daunting than building the business in the first place. Our expertise in the area of estate planning and our vast experience representing businesses in transition enables us to offer highly specialized skills in this unique field. We can help clients achieve their long term goals by adopting and implementing strategies designed to minimize potentially devastating estate taxes and easing the transition to the next generation.